Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fun Pics at Crocodile Park


These are all our family fun pics when we visited Crocodile Park first week of September, 2014. It was a nice visit and I'm glad to be back in my hometown after 7 years! That was a long time and being there again makes me happy. It's a good experience for the kids to see some other places in Davao and to experience to ride the public transportation in Davao like Jeepney, Tricycle and Taxi :-)

Talking Mynah Bird at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines

This Mynah Bird really give us a surprise when we visit Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines first week of September. He keep saying "Pangit" (means Ugly). So my daughter and son was laughing when they heard it. It was so cute! When we got back, we hear him saying "hello" to us. That was incredible! :-)

Crocodiles at Crocodile Park Davao Philippines

Here are some of the photos we took at the Crocodile Park, we didn't see the biggest crocodile but we saw couples of them. The yearling stage crocodile, the grown up and some big ones too. It was nice, it looks nice than I can remember a long time ago when I visited crocodile park. They also added some other animals like birds, orangutan, pheasants, ostrich, philippine dear and more. We had lunch too at one of their finest restaurant in the area. It was nice :-) We really enjoy our visit at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My kids holding the eagle and a parrot at Crocodile Park Davao, Philippines

This photo was taken when we went to Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines in our two in a half weeks vacation in the Philippines. We visit my family and see some nice places in Davao and one of it is the Crocodile Park. We didn't see the biggest crocodile that time. We saw a lot of crocodiles though, different birds and animals. I can tell that the Crocodile Park is really a nice place to visit. It not as big as a zoo but it worth to visit with the family and we really had fun!

Conquer my fear...

I admit that I have a fear of snake because of the experience I have when I was young. It was so sudden on that moment that I almost past out. But here I am now, willing to conquer my fear. I am really scared to touch or hold a snake but when the moment come when we went to Crocodile Park, Philippines on our vacation last couple weeks ago. I really wanted to try it even just once and see if I can do it. Seems like the snake is very harmless and the lady said, the snake is used to be holding by people so I give it a try and here I am! It takes only couple minutes to hold the snake and I feel nervous and I feel like I'm shaking but I didn't whine or cry :-). Anyway this is the photo of me holding the yellow python at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines. I made it! You can't hardly see my fear at this photo, I am still smiling but shaking inside hehe :-)

Sept. 2014, Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Philippine Trip Jouney...

Hi everybody, "I'm back on blogging!". Just want to keep my blog updated for this week. We just got back for our vacation in the Philippines. I will keep posted all the photos and what we did for that two in a half weeks visit in the Philippines with my family. It was a nice visit, not perfect but I am happy to be back home in my hometown. It was a long ride from here to San Francisco. It takes about 2 days to get there. We stayed for the first night at Needles, California and the next day we stay at the El Rancho Inn Best Western in San Francisco. Our flight to San Francisco to Manila Philippines is about 12-13hrs. It was a long plane flight but it turn out really good. We arrive in the Philippines September 1st and we get back in San Francisco September 17 and we got back last Friday Sept. 19. It was a long trip! Glad to be home safe! now we are back in reality :-)