Thursday, September 25, 2014

Conquer my fear...

I admit that I have a fear of snake because of the experience I have when I was young. It was so sudden on that moment that I almost past out. But here I am now, willing to conquer my fear. I am really scared to touch or hold a snake but when the moment come when we went to Crocodile Park, Philippines on our vacation last couple weeks ago. I really wanted to try it even just once and see if I can do it. Seems like the snake is very harmless and the lady said, the snake is used to be holding by people so I give it a try and here I am! It takes only couple minutes to hold the snake and I feel nervous and I feel like I'm shaking but I didn't whine or cry :-). Anyway this is the photo of me holding the yellow python at the Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines. I made it! You can't hardly see my fear at this photo, I am still smiling but shaking inside hehe :-)

Sept. 2014, Crocodile Park, Davao Philippines

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