Friday, August 23, 2013

exciting event!

I mentioned earlier that we are going to attend a dance party this end of the month. My friend just contact me and wanted me to bring some salad. I’m looking forward to it this end of the month of August. That would be exciting since this will be my first time attending this type of gathering were all the Mexican people gathered to celebrate anniversary. I don’t know how they do it in here but I am sure it will be a very memorable celebration. I wonder if they already rented all the music facilities for the party. Are they going to use the evh cab too. Well, I am sure they already prepared for everything and all we need to do is to be there and witnessed this memorable event for this month for our beloved friends.

dance party!

Dance party is coming for the end of the month and everyone are excited! A friend of ours are celebrating their anniversary and they will have a dance party afterwards. Were kind a anxious on what to bring or to give as a gift but our presence is more important than anything else. Will figure it out next week. For now, I’m kind a busy doing things here in the house. I finish 2 of my paintings that my friend from Grand Junction ordered couple days ago. It was a butterfly painting, the one she took a photo of it when she’s at work. It was such a nice picture of a butterfly and hope she will like my own version of it.

Hail on early summer!


August 10, 2013 -- we are very surprised because we feel like we got an early winter today. We got hail in the Valley. They are a little bit big, you can see outside in our front yard, it was so muddy, its like a mud lake outside. It was terrible! I was so worried about our ford truck that my husband was driving because we already have crack in the front window so hopefully the crack won't get worse!

Friday, August 9, 2013

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My artwork is available in public!

Me and my friend Linda's art work are now available to the public. We put some of our paintings in downtown coffee shop in Alamosa at Milagros Coffee Shop. This is my first time to put up  my paintings there and be seen to many people and I'm kind a excited. Hope we can get sale before the end of this month! If not I'll surely sell them online and see how it goes. But will see! ;-)