Friday, August 9, 2013

My artwork is available in public!

Me and my friend Linda's art work are now available to the public. We put some of our paintings in downtown coffee shop in Alamosa at Milagros Coffee Shop. This is my first time to put up  my paintings there and be seen to many people and I'm kind a excited. Hope we can get sale before the end of this month! If not I'll surely sell them online and see how it goes. But will see! ;-)


Angel the Alien said...

Congratulations! That is exciting!
I just saw on your sidebar that you live in Grand Junction. I used to live there! How do you like it? I sure miss it a lot and I hope to move back there someday.

Femikey said...

yah we live in grand junction 2 years ago, we just moved here in san luis valley monte vista, colorado. its nice here, small town, not so busy and there's a bunch of nice people here :)
thnx for the comments, really appreciate it!