Friday, July 27, 2012

playbook on sale

I really like the playbook that my friend son using for his online school. It's pretty nice and interesting. You can bring it anywhere and use it anytime you want. You can download any games and videos you like. The kids will absolutely learn so fast with this kind of technology. We really want to buy playbook but then we decided just to get a new iphones. Well maybe next time if we find a playbook on sale or if we have enough budget that way my son can use the playbook for his online school and games.

Eye Allergy

Just got this eye allergy 2 days ago and until now, it still bothering me a lot. My left eye get so sensitive in the light and I felt like there is a dirt inside of it. My husband said it was an allergy, so I use the eye drop that he has and it helps a little bit. Last night we went to the meeting but then my eye started to get iritated because of the light. I end up staying at the bathroom for couple minutes. When I get back to my sit, I told my husband that I will wait them in the car but they decided to go home with me instead and not wait until the meeting's done. Anyhow, it was terrible. I got home very tired and wanted to go to sleep after we change. I really wanted to close my eyes and stay in the dark. Hope I will feel better soon, need more drops in my eye and maybe I need to take medication for this allergy. If  it getting worse this couple days, I might need to go to the eye doctor to get a check up, to make sure my eye is okay.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving in a small town

Moving in a small town is kind a interesting. I grow up in a City so I used to live where there a lot of people and big shopping area. But when we moved here in San Luis Valley, I didn’t imagine what our life would be in this area. We found a nice house to live, actually there are only few houses that is for sale at this area. Some of it have a bigger lot but the house is old and needs a lot of work. This house we got is the first house we looked. When I enter the house, the first thing that caught my attention is their kitchen cabinets design. They look like the one we have in Silverthorne. They have a lot of space and more storages in the backroom. The kitchen is pretty big and it was nice. That’s why we decided to buy the house and start a new life here in the Valley. I found a lot of friends in the congregation, they are all nice, friendly and lovable. We are also close to grocery store and I think that is all matters to me and guess what? We are all happy and my husband got a good job and sometimes on weekend we try to go in the mountains and do hiking and will probably go fishing this coming weekend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spider Web

 Yay, whos this spiderwoman in this picture? hehe, Dustin took this photo while I'm trying to show him how to climb. So I just sit down and say cheeeeezz! Pretty cool huh? This photo taken last 2 weeks ago when we went for a 10 days vacation in Michigan. This is the pretty park of the Stony Creek Metropark. After playing at the park, we went on swimming at their Lake Beach! It was fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Henry Ford Museum Michigan

This is me, Mike, the kids and my mother in law, this photo taken at the Titanic Grand Staircase, Henry Ford Museum.

 It was a huge ice-wall at the Titanic Exhibit

This is what the Titanic Grand Hallway look like, pretty amazing!

Titanic is one of my favorite movie for all time, played with Leonardo de Caprio and Kate Winslet. Seeing those artifacts, remind me of the movie Titanic. It's nice to be in that Exhibit, I feel like I am in a real ship. It was very interesting exhibit that you can only find at the Henry Ford Museum, Michigan.

Trip to Michigan

Last two weeks ago July 30th, we went to Michigan for a 10 days vacation to visit my mother in law. We made a 3 days trip, we stay 2 nights at the Hotel. First we stayed at Cameron Kansas, we drive about 10hrs then in the second day, we stay at Terra Haute Indiana, we drive about 9hrs and the 3rd day, we drive about 7hrs. It was a long way drive but its worth it though. The kids are great, they are just watching their favorite movies while were driving, we stop every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom. We really enjoy swimming at the pool in Holiday Inn, Indiana. It was a great trip and we’re so glad because we made it at Michigan safe. It’s nice to be in Michigan again after our last visit last 2006.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun at the mall

We went to the Mall of Partridge Creek two days ago and it was really nice. It was kind a hot but we’re walking in the shade so it helps a lot. We do a lot of shopping, we bought some swimsuit for me and for my husband since the kids already have one. I also bought a red dress at forever21, I like that store! They have my size! We also bought the kids their favorite toy at the toy shop and of course since it was so hot that time so we decided to sit down where their outdoor fountains are, we saw some kids playing and my kids really love it. Today were planning to go to the zoo and the kids are so excited about it!