Friday, July 27, 2012

Eye Allergy

Just got this eye allergy 2 days ago and until now, it still bothering me a lot. My left eye get so sensitive in the light and I felt like there is a dirt inside of it. My husband said it was an allergy, so I use the eye drop that he has and it helps a little bit. Last night we went to the meeting but then my eye started to get iritated because of the light. I end up staying at the bathroom for couple minutes. When I get back to my sit, I told my husband that I will wait them in the car but they decided to go home with me instead and not wait until the meeting's done. Anyhow, it was terrible. I got home very tired and wanted to go to sleep after we change. I really wanted to close my eyes and stay in the dark. Hope I will feel better soon, need more drops in my eye and maybe I need to take medication for this allergy. If  it getting worse this couple days, I might need to go to the eye doctor to get a check up, to make sure my eye is okay.

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