Thursday, July 26, 2012

Moving in a small town

Moving in a small town is kind a interesting. I grow up in a City so I used to live where there a lot of people and big shopping area. But when we moved here in San Luis Valley, I didn’t imagine what our life would be in this area. We found a nice house to live, actually there are only few houses that is for sale at this area. Some of it have a bigger lot but the house is old and needs a lot of work. This house we got is the first house we looked. When I enter the house, the first thing that caught my attention is their kitchen cabinets design. They look like the one we have in Silverthorne. They have a lot of space and more storages in the backroom. The kitchen is pretty big and it was nice. That’s why we decided to buy the house and start a new life here in the Valley. I found a lot of friends in the congregation, they are all nice, friendly and lovable. We are also close to grocery store and I think that is all matters to me and guess what? We are all happy and my husband got a good job and sometimes on weekend we try to go in the mountains and do hiking and will probably go fishing this coming weekend.

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