Sunday, May 27, 2012


I missed my grandpa a lot. He passed away more than 5 years ago. He is the one that really love to watch boxing and he smoke tobaco a lot. He is such a funny guy and we love him a lot. I am sure he would love to try the cohiba cigars. This is one of his favorite. I am not sure if they have Cohiba cigars available in the Philippines but I guess its only available here in the US. So to those people out there who love to smoke, just smoke moderately and don’t abuse your health.

This morning...

What happen this morning is, we had breakfast in one of the new opened restaurant here in the Valley, I won't mention the name. But the first experience I have is not that good. Why? Because at first their service is very slow. There's not so much people out there but I guess we waited about 30-40 minutes before we got our order and the customer seated next to us, I guess they waited about 45mins to an hour because their food arrive when we left and they just came after us. The food is good though, but they have some few mistakes to it. The hash brown is cold, my blueberry pancake is not totally cooked because I can still taste the flour to it. The eggs and hash browns are not salted. The service is good though, the waiter is very nice and I am not sure if we can still go back to that restaurant but hopefully they will fix it so that they won't have bad impressions to their customers.

convertible sofa

We still need some furniture in our extra room which is, we made it as a kids playroom. We put the small tv up there for the kids so that they can play their wii games. We have one book case, small aquarium and a kiddy chair as well. The bean bag doesn’t look good at all, I guess we need to get rid of it and buy a new c convertible sofa. Actually we have one in my son’s room, since he doesn’t sleep in his bedroom, we might take that out and put it in the play room and buy him a new queen size bed. My little girl need a toddler bed too. We have a lot of plan, we just need to save more money. Anyhow, while browsing online, I found this convertible sofa from, they have great prices on all their sofas and its free shipping on all the items. We might find the one we need here in DayBeds!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

yomega yoyos

If you already have Duncan yoyos then you might like to get a yomega yoyos too. I don’t think they are similar but I guess yomega yoyos is much easier to use. They have yomega brain automatic return, it’s kind a fancy but I think this is really fun to play. If my kids would love to play yoyo, I would like to get them one like this. What you think? There are many types of yoyos that you can choose from and you can also shop it by brand. So when it comes to yoyos, is the right website to visit.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My barbecue chicken

Our dinner tonight! Barbecue chicken with rice and for my husband, I also grill his favorite jalapeƱo. This is very easy since I only put salt and pepper for the chicken leg and I brush it with olive oil and when its finally cooked, I also brushed it with my favorite honey barbecue sauce. Easy dinner and the kids love it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My little bundle of Joy!

As a parent, we always proud to our children. I love my kids and they are such a bundle of joy to us. They make our life happier and we always thanks God for all the blessings we have.

Raining for two days

It was rainy day for two days and I'm glad that it was sunny out side. It was a little foggy and I am sure tomorrow will be a great day about 70 degrees tomorrow I guess. So either I'll go out on service with the kids or if not, will do it this Wednesday. Our grass in the backyard was really green and they grow so fast. My husband just mow the lawn last Sunday and now we need to mow the lawn again. I guess we need to mow the lawn every week. I like rain but as long it won't rain that much for the whole week because here in the Valley, the temperature always drops to 30s to 40s, so it's little bit chilly outside when it rains.