Sunday, May 27, 2012

This morning...

What happen this morning is, we had breakfast in one of the new opened restaurant here in the Valley, I won't mention the name. But the first experience I have is not that good. Why? Because at first their service is very slow. There's not so much people out there but I guess we waited about 30-40 minutes before we got our order and the customer seated next to us, I guess they waited about 45mins to an hour because their food arrive when we left and they just came after us. The food is good though, but they have some few mistakes to it. The hash brown is cold, my blueberry pancake is not totally cooked because I can still taste the flour to it. The eggs and hash browns are not salted. The service is good though, the waiter is very nice and I am not sure if we can still go back to that restaurant but hopefully they will fix it so that they won't have bad impressions to their customers.

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