Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mommy and baby

My sweet little pie give me a big hug! Love my sweetie pie! She say Thanks for her lovely dress that I made for her yesterday. She said, she will wear it in our vacation or whenever we go for a ride. She looks adorable on that dress and will absolutely make her more dress this spring ;-)

gifts for the groom

How many friends of yours are getting married this year? Do you have anything to give for the groom or bride? I think this year, I have 2-3 of my friends in the Philippines are got married but I never get a chance to send them gifts. I wish I could send it to them personally but maybe next time when I get back to my hometown. I am not sure when but hopefully soon! Anyhow, when people ask me what kind of gifts to give for the groom and bride, I end up thinking maybe a kitchen set or whatever. But this time, when they ask me again about wedding gifts for the groom, I already know what website to recommend to them and that is the redenvelope.com. With the help of their website, it gives me ideas on what gifts I can give to my husband, brother, friends and love ones. Why not get your gift ideas now at redenvelope.com!

pandora jewelry

Do you like jewelry that has European charm beads in it? I like them! Do you? I bet you do. I have a friend where she has this European charm beads jewelry and it looks fabulous on her. I wonder where she got those jewelries and how much those jewelry cost. I look up online and find this amazing jewelry that almost the same as her. That’s what they call the pandora jewelry at bajulimports.com. You can get a free first class shipping on orders over $50. So if you like this type of jewelry then look no further. Get your Pandora jewelry now at bajulimports.com!

Homper for Spring!

I made two brown homper for me and Dana, this is perfect to wear this spring. It's easy to make and instead of short, I decided to make it a skirt and instead of tube homper, I decided to make it a backless type where you can tie the thing on your neck. Dana loves it and I am so happy for my new creation for this week :-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

pool safety net

When you have kids in the house, it is really important to get a pool safety net in your swimming pool, you will never know what will happen, maybe the kid will fall in the pool accidentally without you knowing especially if you are not watching them. Some people usually use gates for their kids to make sure they can’t get out on their room. But if you have a big pool in the yard, it is really important to put safety net in it just to avoid danger for babies and young children. So if you don’t have pool safety net yet, you better get it now at poolsafetyfences.com!

Monday, March 19, 2012

baby hats

When the kids was born, the hats that the nurses put on them are very cute. We have a friend before, she loves making crochet baby hats and they look really adorable. She can sell it online if she wants too but she said, she only do it for fun and whenever she feel like doing it. She can make a lot and give it to some of her friends who are expecting or have a toddler kids and give it as a gift. Isn't that wonderful? Wish I can make those cutie crochet hats but I am not really good at it. I guess sewing baby dress is my thing.

Hats is one of the best Baby gifts you can give. They can use it in any season to keep their head warm. Love to see those babies wearing hats, they look adorable. Actually I still have those hats that Dustin and Dana wear when they are babies, I keep it because I like them and if ever I see a baby in our congregation, I might give those hats. I am sure they would love it. By the way thanks to one of our sister who gave my kids a wonderful present, it was another crochet hat and a scarf. Perfect in this cold weather and my little girl love her purple hat and scarf. So if you don't know what baby gifts to give, you might like to give them a cute baby hats either made by yourself or you can get it online as well.

Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Our Family Photo

This is the latest photo we have for this month of March. Very proud of my family and I am thankful for all the blessings we have.

affordable scrubs

Why spend a fortune for a scrub? Does it need to be expensive or it doesn’t matter? For me, it doest matter as long I like the quality and its comfortable to wear. That is all that matters to me, how about you? I have some friends who work in the medical field and I think their scrub are affordable and it looks good to them too. I saw this flower print scrubs for $14.99 at Marcusuniforms.com and the style and designs are really nice. I am sure everyone would love it and guess what? You can get a very affordable Marcus nursing uniforms at their website, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune for your nursing uniforms. So if you are looking for unisex scrubs in a low price, this is the right website for you to visit.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Setting up new utilities

This guest post from Lewis Beck

The thought of moving to a new house is really quite a daunting task for me. First of all I have three small children that still expect to be fed and take naps and all the normal routine things that we do at the house every day. Second of all our house even though it is not all that large holds a lot of stuff. We have stuff everywhere in ever nook and cranny. All of the stuff is the main reason why my husband and I decided to move in the first place and now that we are actually moving it is the reason why I don’t even want to think about the packing process. I know we have hired movers to come in and pack up most of the big stuff and transport it to our new home with more room for more stuff and new stuff but I am exhausted just thinking about doing all the work. Luckily the least of my worries is going to be getting my utilities set up with Dallas Texas Electricity Companies. They make it really easy.