Saturday, March 3, 2012

Setting up new utilities

This guest post from Lewis Beck

The thought of moving to a new house is really quite a daunting task for me. First of all I have three small children that still expect to be fed and take naps and all the normal routine things that we do at the house every day. Second of all our house even though it is not all that large holds a lot of stuff. We have stuff everywhere in ever nook and cranny. All of the stuff is the main reason why my husband and I decided to move in the first place and now that we are actually moving it is the reason why I don’t even want to think about the packing process. I know we have hired movers to come in and pack up most of the big stuff and transport it to our new home with more room for more stuff and new stuff but I am exhausted just thinking about doing all the work. Luckily the least of my worries is going to be getting my utilities set up with Dallas Texas Electricity Companies. They make it really easy.

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