Monday, March 19, 2012

baby hats

When the kids was born, the hats that the nurses put on them are very cute. We have a friend before, she loves making crochet baby hats and they look really adorable. She can sell it online if she wants too but she said, she only do it for fun and whenever she feel like doing it. She can make a lot and give it to some of her friends who are expecting or have a toddler kids and give it as a gift. Isn't that wonderful? Wish I can make those cutie crochet hats but I am not really good at it. I guess sewing baby dress is my thing.

Hats is one of the best Baby gifts you can give. They can use it in any season to keep their head warm. Love to see those babies wearing hats, they look adorable. Actually I still have those hats that Dustin and Dana wear when they are babies, I keep it because I like them and if ever I see a baby in our congregation, I might give those hats. I am sure they would love it. By the way thanks to one of our sister who gave my kids a wonderful present, it was another crochet hat and a scarf. Perfect in this cold weather and my little girl love her purple hat and scarf. So if you don't know what baby gifts to give, you might like to give them a cute baby hats either made by yourself or you can get it online as well.


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baby hats said...

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