Sunday, December 25, 2011

bunn coffee makers parts

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In our new home...

We just moved in last Thursday and that day was not a good day because it was snowing a lot and it was freezing cold but you know what? the people unloading our stuff doesn't care at all. They give their 100% service and they finish unloading our stuff within 3 hours. They are pretty fast and they did pretty good, we will absolutely hire them again next time. This is the 3rd time that we moved and Atlas Van Lines is the company that we trust to pack our stuff. I am almost done unpacking our stuff, one box to go in our bedroom and the boxes at the garage, I think my husband will do it by himself because most of them are just tools and old stuff for the kids. Anyhow, these are some photos I took that time in our moving day :-)

Friday, December 23, 2011

flowers, anyone?

I love flowers and I know many of you does. We just celebrated our 6 years anniversary last Monday and my husband bought me a wonderful gift and a pretty flower in our anniversary. I just made him a handmade greeting card and I’m glad he likes it. So when it comes to flower arrangements, I will absolutely recommend the ProFlowers, Fresno CA. They do an amazing job for all their flower arrangements. The flowers are fresh and lovely. Their flowers can touch all peoples heart especially to those who can receive this gift. For more flower selection visit their website at!

Monday, December 12, 2011

guitar lessons

Some of my friends are really good in playing guitar. I was trying to learn before but I never get a chance to continue the lessons since I ran out of patience to it. For me, its really hard, I am not sure but maybe playing guitar is not for me. I really appreciate my friends hard work and I know they understand me. They told me not to give up and if I really want to learn, I can get a guitar lessons whenever I want. My son love to play instruments like drums, piano and guitar and if he’s really interested to learn, I wanted to take a guitar lessons for him when we move to Alamosa. Will see…

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will moving soon!

Our moving is getting near! Next week will be the house closing and I guess the moving company will come over and start packing all our things. I never get a chance to say goodbye to some of our brother and sister in our congregation but I guess I still have one more week to do that. This week, me and my friends will have get together here in the house and let them know that we’re moving soon now. I will going to miss them a lot. I will just try to make myself busy when we get there and meet new friends in Alamosa. We can start a new life there and hopefully we can spend more time on service. The weather there is more colder than her so I am not sure if I will like it. Well, it’s only cold on winter but in summer it will be nice. My husband says we can do more outdoor stuff like sledding in winter, hiking on spring or summer and if we need to do a big shopping, we can visit Pueblo to do all those stuff. There are a lot of things to do there and I heard that they have nice hot spring too.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We find the house we like!

Last week on Thursday, we visit Monte Vista and stay for one night and then on Friday, we get a chance to look for houses. We ended up seeing one house since the two house that my husband like is not available anymore. The other house is like Italian style and someone already rented the house. The other one is a manufactured home and my husband said, we won't be able to get any manufactured home style. Well, we have another one that he like the most and when I saw the house, I started to like it. It's more bigger than our house, the backyard has a huge space and they already have a deck and a garden. There are a lot of room in the house about 2014 square feet and .38 lot size. It's pretty big and has a 3 car garage. I think this is perfect for us with 3 bed and 2 full bath and have two walk in closet. The house was built in year 1997 and the house is well taking care off. We are looking forward to move in our new house this coming 20th I guess or not before New Year. But will see ;-)