Sunday, December 25, 2011

In our new home...

We just moved in last Thursday and that day was not a good day because it was snowing a lot and it was freezing cold but you know what? the people unloading our stuff doesn't care at all. They give their 100% service and they finish unloading our stuff within 3 hours. They are pretty fast and they did pretty good, we will absolutely hire them again next time. This is the 3rd time that we moved and Atlas Van Lines is the company that we trust to pack our stuff. I am almost done unpacking our stuff, one box to go in our bedroom and the boxes at the garage, I think my husband will do it by himself because most of them are just tools and old stuff for the kids. Anyhow, these are some photos I took that time in our moving day :-)


Avril Copperfield said...

I'm, glad to know that you're move has gone well and smooth despite the bad weather. Well, you're lucky to find good movers who were able to handle all your stuff well despite all the trouble.

Randy Robinson said...

I guess it's the common notion that kind neighbors would do. I would've also helped you if I were there… I think the happiness that "moving in" brings makes the neighbors livelier and more eager to help. I admire those who helped you when you moved in. We all deserve a good treatment like that. :D