Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's on your dinner table?

This is what we have on our dinner yesterday. I make it more simple, i didn't cook a lot because only mike, dustin and I will going to eat, no visitors that time. I dont know how to cook so much but as a wife and mother i need to learn how to cook. I learned it with my own and by trying some interested easy recipe from the book, It helps me a lot to learn cooking. My husband love the food i always prepared, he really appreciate my work and im so thankful for that. As you can see, we have fried shrimp with lots of butter and garlic, asparagus, one of my favorite vegetables, fried tilapia for me and 1 piece of steak for Mike. I forgot to show the rice hehe :-) i cant eat without rice! How about you what's on your dinner table?

I would love to pass this tagged to my friend Janet, weng, Rosemarie, Joy, Joydob, Debs and Laradee.

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