Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Glass tiles

When we move here in our new house I noticed that they have really nice glass tiles at their bathroom and that’s what I like because in the Philippines, we never had a glass tiles in our bathroom. It just made of cement. I spent long time in the bathroom when I was still pregnant, I love staying on the tub and have warm bath. Right now, our bathroom glass tiles is not look good anymore. I saw some black spot and even how hard I try to get rid of it but it doesn’t work. Maybe we need to change the tiles and get another one. Maybe it needs a lot of work to get done. I saw a website that has affordable Bisazza glass tiles and that is from Giorbello. Their glass tiles is very interesting, I like the atlantis tiles on their website, I like color blue and I think it would be nice to put it in our 2nd bathroom. If you are interested to Giorbello glass tiles please visit their website and find the glass tiles that you like the most.

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