Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring Break Vacation in Florida

Spring break is coming, did you already plan for your Spring Break vacation? I know many graduated students right now are getting so excited for their spring break vacation, not only them are excited but also to those families that need a break from work. Hopefully we can have a spring break vacation this year, I don’t know if we can make it because we don’t have enough budget for vacation but if we have? I think we will going to Florida, we will probably stay at Florida Sprink Break Hotels. Florida is a nice place for family or business vacation. This time of the year, Mike mom stays in Florida because Florida has a nice weather than Michigan. I been dreaming to go to Florida someday, Mike and I need to save money so that we can visit Disney Land in Florida. Florida Keys is the place where Mike wants to show me, that place are amazing, I saw that on TV on how they build that bridge. They are many attractions spots in Florida Keys, it is known for its beautiful beaches, fabulous golf, world famous theme parks, colorful coral reefs and warm welcoming weather. I think Florida is a dream come true to me if Mike and I will stay there for couple weeks for spring break vacation. So, Florida Sprink Break Hotels here we come!

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