Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Im happy to help...

Im really so glad that my co-worker janet starting to earn now for her blogging. I am so happy for her, i know she is happy because now she can save money for their kids and they want to get a motorcycle also. Blogging is fun and i know she is starting to like it the way i do. I am always be here for her, ready to help her on her blogging. Helping others is a good feeling, i always wants to see people happy. I am helping some of my friends that is still newbies from blogging, helping them is a good start to build a good friendship. Janet and I are co-worker before when i was in the Philippines. We both work at the internet cafe as a cashier, i do cashiering and typist too most of the time. We have a really nice boss, i treat my boss as a big brother, he's really nice to us. All of our co-worker already quit their job at the Cafe and janet is the only one left. They have new workers but i all missed those co-workers of mine before. When i came back to the Philippines for 3 weeks vacation. I never forget to visit them at the Cafe and say helo. Its so nice to visit them you know... i been working there for almost 2-3 years i think, i really love my work, i enjoyed it a lot. Its hurt for me to leave them but i need to do something with myself also and to be settle. I am dreaming to have my own family, have kids with my loving husband and to help my family in the future. No regrets for all my decisions, i am so happy with it and im so thankful to have them in my life.

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