Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Savings and CD Rates

Where you could possibly find the website that tracks the best rates of checking accounts, savings accounts and certificate of deposit that earn up to 6.00 percent annual percentage for checking accounts and 4.60 percent for savings account? Well, who else could offer like that kind of a good deal? You could only find it at eMoneyCentral.com. This is the only website I like especially when it comes to find the best bank and credit union rates. I been searching this for almost couple months right now because I want to compare the rates for our savings and checking accounts. If you are planning to open an account online, you can get a best rate from eMoneyCentral, for example if you open a new checking account at Bank of America you can get $75 bonus. The High Rate Checking is the eOne Account from Salem five earns up to 4.00 percent apy and refunds ATM fees. How good was that? You could never find anything else like this. Why not visit their website and open a checking account at one of their bank that has lower rates? you have a chance to compare rates and find the best one that is right for you.

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