Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Update my New Domain please...

My new domain is working, so to all my fellow dedicated bloggers out there, please update my 3rd blog to http://weblogexploration.com. I just buy a domain yesterday, I changed the surfcasual.blogspot.com to weblogexploration. Im so happy that I get a domain name on my 3rd blog, it is better to get a domain now than to wait for few months. Because if my page rank will increase after few months then its hard for me to get a domain because I am sure my page rank will be affected. I just want to make it sure that since my page rank still 0 so maybe it’s the right time to get a domain name. Its only $10 for 1 year, much better than to get a domain name that let you pay every month. So please update my new blog to all your blogroll. I really appreciate it thank you!

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