Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have visitor this afternoon...

One of our friend from our congregation who do babysitter for Dustin will come by here in the house. She will bring her 2 kids whom she babysitter with to play with Dustin. I think that would be great, because Dustin like kids a lot. That is so nice of her to call and come by here in the house. They came at 1:30 pm, they stay about an hour, kids are having fun playing together and its nice to see Dustin happy. This month, i think Mike's boss will going to have a party and they will celebrate it in Gleenwood Springs. I dont know if they change it or not but if that happens, we need to bring Dustin to his babysitter to watch him for couple hours. I know as a mother, its hard for me not to see my baby. It makes me worried every now and then but i think everything will be okay. Dustin is in good hands with his babysitter. We know Pam, she is a good person so nothing to worry about.

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