Tuesday, March 4, 2008


When Mike and I deciding to move here in Grand Junction, we search Homes for Rent online. We are planning to rent a house or apartment for rent to start with. Then after few months or even a year, we can buy a new house here in Grand Junction. Relocating is not that easy, especially for us that we live in Silverthorne before, its about 3 hours driving. Its kind a long way, we came back in forth here in Grand Junction to look houses then after few months we find a good rental house, we live there for about 8 months, the contract is 1 year but we never finished the contract because Mike and I wants to own house. We like Grand Junction a lot, they have great weather and its good because Mike job site is not far to our house.

We are very thankful to find this website nationalrelocation.com, it helps us to make our real estate search easier. After 8 months of renting, we find a real estate agent that help us to find a good home for us. We look many houses but we only find one that its really interesting. So if you have plan to relocate and look for a Real Estate Information, you better check national relocation.com. What I like at their website is they have all the information you need from rentals, real estate, movers, mortgages, insurance, home inspector, additional relocation services, etc. Their website is absolutely great!

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