Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is our mastiff is ready to have puppies?

We have 1 year old Mastiff, they are still puppies but i am wondering if they ready to have puppies? Because yesterday i saw them both get hooked up together, i was very surprised that time, i called my husband right away and tell him that our dog get hooked up together, i even dont know what to do. And then this morning mike told me that when he let the dogs out, he saw Thunder (the male mastiff) is like standing on our backyard, it is dark out this morning when he woke up at 5:30 am then when he looked outside he is very surprised also that he saw our mastiff get hooked up again together. Our female mastiff is on her period since last week, i think she still have it until now. I dont know if its possible that she will be pregnant after few months? Mike dont want Princess (female mastiff) to get pregnant this spring, Mike wants them to make puppies not until fall. Well, we cant do anything about it if they ready to make puppies now right? it would be great if they have lot of puppies, then we can sale some of their cutie puppies and make a lot of money :-) The problem is, we need to spend too much for the puppies for their Vet check up and also for their food and medicines. Well... will see what happens after few months, i will keep you updated if Princess is pregnant or not. hehe :-)

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