Saturday, March 1, 2008

LINQ Provider

How important it is to provide a LINQ (Language Integrated Queries) especially to those online developer, do they really need to provide this LINQ? I don’t know how this one works but when I read the website that tells about this at db4o Developer Community it opens my mind how they really work with it. This is the only source you can find if you have a website that the object database is native to Java and .Net. It said that .Net is the standard of practice, So the LINQ interface for db4o removes risk and leaves net benefit for those using the innovative db4o product. I think this is really a good news that all providers wants to hear about how this works and how an optimizing LINQ provider for db4o can help them. To know more about this matter then you better check this blog title Product News from the Core Team. They talk about this Language Integrated Queries. So to all those provider please visit

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