Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday Rants...

Yesterday, i never had a chance to write a post here in my blog, were so busy yesterday fixing our backyard. We buy some dirt to cover all the holes that our dog made. We add some dirt also at the side of our fence so that this coming spring it wont get flood because when our neighbor water their plant, some of the water cames in to our backyard. Well, i think we did pretty good yesterday, me and my husband work together and of course Dustin helping us also hehe :-) He is the one who step and walk at the dirt so that it will get dry and will stick on the ground. We're done almost lunch time, we had lunch at Burger King and we grab some news paper also because we are planning to do "Garage Sale". I think its early for the month to go garage sale because we only saw few houses having garage sale. We didn't get anything for garage sale, so we end up go to the mall and walk around, let Dustin play at the kids playground and guess what? we bought new shoes together, 2 shoes for Dustin, 1 for me and 1 for Mike because they Payless is on Sale yesterday. This afternoon i think we need to go back to the store to buy a nice dress for me for the wedding this coming Saturday. We need to buy wedding gifts too! I need to get ready now while Mike is outside and Dustin is in good mood just watching TV in our living room.

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