Thursday, March 6, 2008

Electrical Connectors

Econnek is the website where you can find different kinds of connectors from plugs to receptacles. Mike is really good when it comes to electricity because he is working at the Xcel Energy as a Electrician so if we have problem in our electrical connectors here in the house, he is the one who fix it. I don’t have any experience about electricity and im really scared to touch it either because maybe I will get electric and that’s not good if that happens. Just like last month when we bought our new TV, we hang it on our kitchen wall and of course we need to find an outlet to plug the TV because our outlet cant reach the plug that’s why we need to transfer the outlet. Mike fixed it already and we are so thankful for that at least we can watch TV now in our kitchen while were eating our dinner.

Last week Mike bought a plastic plugs, I don’t know where he will going to use that plugs but maybe he will going to fix something. And when he talk about the plugs I remember the website at eConnek because they offer different kinds of push/pull connectors and they also have metal and plastic plugs. So I recommend it to him and he says he will check on it maybe he will find something he need. I told him it is more easier to order online than to go to the hardware store, the prices at Econnek is very affordable and that’s what I like about it. They accept any kinds of credit cards and they offer a fast shipping too! It said the orders shipped internationally or outside of the contiguous United States will be handled by UPS or FedEx. For domestic orders they use UPS. So if you are looking for a electrical connectors or odu connectors then order online now at Econnek!

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