Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy for my friend

I am very happy that my friend Janet is starting earnings now with her blogging and im so happy for her. I already help many of friends of mine to start blogging too and they are so lucky to earn also like what i do. I know its not easy from the start but as soon you will learn how it works then you will started to like it and enjoy blogging. Blogging is fun! before we called it diary, diary that we dont want people read our thoughts and secrets but now they can share everything they want to all the bloggers all around the world. Its nice if we share all our experiences right? and show to everyone that our life is very interesting, or if not then its good because at least you can get a comment from them, and sometimes you can get a good advice from the other people who experienced the same as you, at the same time you will meet a lot of friends online! I love blogging and im really proud to be a Pinoy Bloggers!


virgie said...

maybe you're not aware, but I was influence by you to start blogging. thanks.

Femikey said...

oh im so glad virgie that i influence u with this blogging hehe :-) its nice to blog isn't it? and who knows maybe you are the next one who could earn more than us! :)