Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blog Award...

I was very overwhelmed to receive all this 7 different kind of blog awards. Allen's Sweetheart send me this award and i really appreciate it. Yehey! i got a fantastic award.. so it means i did a good job for my blogging career? hehe :-) Thank you so much for appreciating my blog! thanks for being a friend to me Weng, i really treasure you so much.

I dont understand what this setia sobat means but i really appreciate to receive this globe award. Peace award is nice, i am very peaceful person and peace to all my fellow bloggers! Best blogger award? Well of course because i am the author of this blog hehe :-) thanks for the bear hug award too, that was so cute!

I am passing this award to Elaine, Janet, Debs, Laradee, Rosemarie and Joy.


Anonymous said...

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Boston Pariah said...

aww congratulations!