Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Call Center Customer Service Training

I have a friend way back in the Philippines, she work at the Call Center. She really did good to her job but too bad because her boss don’t pay her enough. She has a good voice and she know how to handle customers, she has really good communications in the phone too. I was really admired her for being such a good worker at the Call Center. She already quit her job long time ago but I think she can easily find a job at the call center. She already had experience but I think she still need a call center customer service training to enhance her skills and to be more professional in terms of communications. In my part, I don’t have good communications, even Mike and I have misunderstanding sometimes because we have problem on our language barrier and sometimes I don’t understand what his talking about. But I tried my best to listen more, im still working with that. He told me that the more I listen, the more we have a good communication to each other. If I will find a customer service job I need to train myself so that I can have a better communication with the customer.

Im thankful when I came across this website at, you can learn from them through their training, more effective marastar’s toonup cartoons. This is fun though at the same time you can easily learn how to improve you communication skills. I like the topics they provide to their website. They are using ToonUp for the training, they also provide ToonUp Quiz on communication skills. This is great especially like me that need to improve my communication skills. If you are like me need training for servicing the customer, this is the website that is right for you. Visit now and get access to their Online ToonUps quiz.

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