Thursday, January 24, 2008

Video for St. Gabriel Catholic Homeschool Academy

Last time I remember that one of my friend told me about St. Gabriel Catholic Homeschool Academy. Have you ever heard that school? That’s why right now, im trying to find their school at google search engine and see what courses they could offer to those people who wants to enroll at their school. Do you like to be part of this Catholic Homeschool? The earlier you enroll, the best chance you can get their discounts offered at mid-year and early enrollment. This could be a big help to your kids to be properly brought up and educated and be part of their catholic home school academy. I am sure your child schooling must help him to achieve his goal and grown up to be a good kid. Not only for your kids but also available for you as parents. So visit St. Gabriel Catholic Homeschool Academy now and find the best catholic courses you like to pursue.

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CatholicMom said...

Are you aware that St. Gabriel's Academy is the same/uses the same curriculum as Morningstar academy (Anabaptist/bible alone) and neither are Catholic. Both academy's repective statements of faith will show this to be true. Why would a "christian" curriculum provider break the commandment "thou shalt not lie" by claiming to be something they are not.