Thursday, January 24, 2008

My book study...

Aha! how come smorty is not giving any more tasked? hehe :-) its been 2 days now that i dont have tasked from them. Anyway its okay as long ppp still there to give me some tasked. I finished 2 opps this morning and im glad i finished the 2 before my book study start. I had a wonderful book study with my 2 fellow sisters. We discussed about "show love to one another" and "how important marriage is". I learned a lot in our discussions and its nice to know this things. It makes me aware especially now that lots of couples getting divorce because they cant get along together and i dont want to make it happen between me and my husband. I hate divorce just like the way Jehovah God hates it.

Tomorrow, maybe i cant do some tasked because we will go to Eagle to deposit some money on our first bank account. I will send my family a $150 as a share for my earnings through blogging. I think blogging help me a lot to earn extra cash, with these i can send money to my mama now :-)

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