Monday, July 13, 2015

My computer is back!

We feel so devastated because my husband computer lost the connection and it seems like we wont be able to connect the internet, it might be broken or it just stop itself after he try to download my son new computer games. I keep thinking about my old computer, I still didn't throw it away though but I am still hoping that it will turn on. So what I did, I try to plug in and I keep praying that it will turn on and then suddenly it turns on! That was a miracle! (laughs) I thought my old computer wont work anymore. It stop working for couple of months, and i thought the power cord is the problem because the power wont turn on anymore. Good thing I didn't throw this computer away and instead I keep it in my closet for couple of months now and there he is, he is back! Isn't that amazing? I feel relief, because of this we don't need to buy new computer for this month. We are going to use our savings for our convention this end of the month and hopefully next month, we will be able to save money again to buy a new computer for my husband. For me, this asus computer is the best computer I've ever had, I had this for almost 8 years now and so far, i am so happy with this computer. :-)

Beautiful flower from our garden

Isn't this a beautiful flower? We got all this from our garden! Its was my daughter choice of the flower and I help her arrange it and put it in her very cute blue flower vase that we got it for a dollar in a yard sale. We put it in the middle in our dining table and it was pretty nice. All our friends make a compliment to it. Thanks!

Ice cream time

Once in a while after service or whenever we feel like we need ice cream to cool us off, we always go to sugar shack in the valley and they have organic ice cream that everyone likes. My kids likes their superman ice cream and i like their chocolate, espresso and also their rocky road ice cream and mary one of my closest friend here in the valley like strawberry ice cream. She's like a mother to me and she have a good heart, she also treat me like her own daughter. That was such a nice day and I'm glad we get a chance to sit down in the park and enjoy our company together and have such a yummy ice cream in the afternoon.

Grill vegies for dinner!

Does it looks yummy? I am so excited to taste this delicious vegetable on a grill! Before, I really don't care about grilled veggies but now I started to like it. We always add vegetables everytime we grill chicken or hamburger and also we add portabelo mushroom to it and it was delicious and its a healthy option you know to add veggies on every meal. Love it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Got a new pet for the kids!

My 6 year old daughter really love animals. She been wanted to have a bird and my husband and I promise to get her one once we get back from our vacation in Michigan. Last week, we are able to buy the bird cage and we already choose what kind of bird we will get for her. We will get her a cinnamon pearl cockatail. And since the bird needs to be weaned for another two weeks, we will wait until 17th to pick up the bird. Couple more days and we will be able to have her new pet, its another pet to add in our family. It will be so exciting to have a bird especially my little girl, she cant wait to have her new bird. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The old train station in Detroit Michigan

We went for a road trip going to Mexican town in Detroit then we saw this old abandon building. They said it was an old train station and they just leave the building the way it is. It was a nice building though, I like the artwork in the front building, they seems very old not sure how long this building been there, but it was interesting. So I thought I might share in here, we saw a nice mexican grocery store close to this building and we found a fresh mango so we thought we stop by and buy something for everybody.

Look who's visiting the neighbor?

This deer is been around in this neighbor for quite awhile now, this is the second time I saw them in the same house in different days. I guess they like the area so I took a picture of it and they seems doesn't care when people stopping by and taking picture of them. This was taken in Alamosa while were driving around town :-)

at Downtown Detroit

These photos are taken at downtown Detroit, it was such a busy street, were having hard time getting out in the area because of traffic. Lots of road work going on and we saw a live band out there too. It seems like they are working for the train tracks and additional road I guess. It was a nice drive though. There's a football game going on at the area and that add a lot of traffic. But we came out okay and we end up driving to a place where my husband grow up with. It was an abandon area in the City of Detroit and I forgot to take a picture of it. But anyway that was nice, something to see in Detroit downtown and thanks to my brother in law to show us around downtown. 

At Sinclair Michigan Marina

Aren't this photo are beautiful? I took this photo when we took for a ride at the Sinclair Marina in Michigan when we visited my mother in law. The first photo, its very interesting because the goose is nesting. My brother in law told us, the goose been there for couple days now and never leave her nest. So that was nice, my daughter really love to see the goose, we didn't came too close though, we just stay in the car. We just took for a ride and see the beautiful view of Sinclair river and see the marina :-) it was such a nice ride.