Monday, July 13, 2015

My computer is back!

We feel so devastated because my husband computer lost the connection and it seems like we wont be able to connect the internet, it might be broken or it just stop itself after he try to download my son new computer games. I keep thinking about my old computer, I still didn't throw it away though but I am still hoping that it will turn on. So what I did, I try to plug in and I keep praying that it will turn on and then suddenly it turns on! That was a miracle! (laughs) I thought my old computer wont work anymore. It stop working for couple of months, and i thought the power cord is the problem because the power wont turn on anymore. Good thing I didn't throw this computer away and instead I keep it in my closet for couple of months now and there he is, he is back! Isn't that amazing? I feel relief, because of this we don't need to buy new computer for this month. We are going to use our savings for our convention this end of the month and hopefully next month, we will be able to save money again to buy a new computer for my husband. For me, this asus computer is the best computer I've ever had, I had this for almost 8 years now and so far, i am so happy with this computer. :-)

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