Saturday, December 20, 2014

Handmade Card for Him...

Every year in our Anniversary, I just usually made a anniversary card for him. I think the handmade one is better than the one you buy at the store. I also made an envelope along with it. Last year my husband bought me a Victoria Secret lingeries and bathrobe (that was nice and sweet of him) and I bought him a customized cellphone cover with our family photos in it together with a customized pen with our photo together. Last 2 years ago in our Anniversary we decided to buy an ATV as a gift for both of us together. This year, I bought us a couple shirts and I got chocolates from him too :-) We will spend more time this month for our Anniversary, have dinner together and do something as a couple. So thankful and lucky to have such a wonderful man to spend my life with. Happy Anniversary Bebeeh!