Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mom and Brother in law visit

We are very happy and thankful that my mother in law and my brother in law come visit with us here in the Valley. They are from Michigan and its a long drive to come here. We went to Michigan 2012 and it was a nice visit, we stay about 2 weeks I guess. This time, they only stay for a week. It was nice though. We take them for a road trip, we went to the mountain, see the mine but we end up didn't go further because of the weather. It snowed a lot on the mountain so we just decided to go to Rock Creek and see some nice rock formation out there. We also eat breakfast at Organic Feddler at Del Norte, it was nice. I had a special omelet and all their food are all organic and gluten free I guess. We also went to Pueblo for a ride, go to La Veta Pass and see some ghost town. This week we went to Bonanza to see the ghost town too and it was a nice drive. Seeing the mountain is really nice and pretty. It was very breathtaking view. They like it and I hope they enjoy their visit here with us. Hope they stay for another week but they already made up their mind to stay a week. Maybe next year they will come back and I am sure we will do a lot of road trips in the mountains and to see the canyons. So will see :-) 

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