Thursday, November 13, 2014

Breakfast at Waterfront Insular Hotel

Last September when we visit my family in the Philippines, we got a chance to eat breakfast at one of my favorite hotel in Davao, the Waterfront Insular Hotel. My husband said, its not the same breakfast menu that he can remember 7 years ago. Well, maybe they change their Chef and also the menu, but I never find something wrong with the food. I like it and I really enjoy my breakfast and the kids love it too. After breakfast we got a chance to explore the area, went to the beach and play with the crabs and hermet crabs. We also took some photos, buy souvenirs at that tribal store close to the pool. It was fun and hopefully next time when we get a chance to visit Davao Philippines again, we might end up staying at this hotel that way in the morning or after breakfast, the kids can play around the beach area and we can enjoy the view of Samal Island from there. Here some of the photos: 

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