Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting ready for school!

My kids is getting ready for school! We bought them their school supply last week and they are very excited to be in school. But, we will meet their teachers on 25th and 27th and on 28th, we will be going to San Francisco and ride a plane going to Philippines from there. We will be gone for 3 weeks and the kids will be excuse for the meantime for our vacation trip to Philippines this September. When we get back, they will be back on school too. So far, we didn’t start our packing yet, we will do that next week. It will be a fun time spending with my family! This will be the first time that my family especially my mom to see my 5 year old daughter. That was 7 years ago when we visit my family and my son was 19 months old that time. Now, my son is a grown up boy, he is 8 years old now and I am sure they are also excited to see me and my husband and most especially my kids.

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