Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school!

Yesterday is my son's first day of school. He is in 3rd grade now. He is very excited and of course he is looking forward for the things he will learn this year. Hopefully this year will  be an awesome year for him, just like last year. He has a very awesome teacher and he already meet all  his classmates. I went to see him on lunch time together with his little sister and he was very happy and tomorrow, my little girl will be in school too. Wednesday will be her first day on Kindergarten. She is very excited! she met her teacher last year and she already started to like her. So hope both of them will have a great time at school this year. I will going to miss them both. I will be alone in the house and I will try to visit them both if I get a chance. Both of my kids are growing fast! Can't believe that i already have a kindergarten and a 3rd grader! Time went by so fast and tomorrow? we will start our trip going to San Francisco! Hope to have a safe trip to our family and can't wait to see my hometown Philippines on the 1st week of September!

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