Friday, June 20, 2014

at big meadows lake

This is our second time we went at Big meadows lake. Last year we went there for a hike and not for fishing but this time we go for fishing right after we went to the hunters lake. It was around 3:00pm in the afternoon, its not as crowded in the morning, we got a good shady spot to go fishing and it was really nice. We only caught 2 fish and we stay there until almost 6 o'clock. Well, better than nothing and the important is, we all had fun spending time together as a family and that all that matters :-) We got home and cook the fish and had it for dinner! It was yummy!!!

hiking at hunters lake


It was about 1 mile hike to hunters lake. We didn't bring our fishing stuff, it was such a nice day, very quiet and peaceful. We all like the hike but the trail is seems muddy and wet but it went okay. We made it to the lake and just look around and took some photos. Here are some of the photos we took from the trail :)

fishing at shaw lake

This is our first fishing this year on summer. Actually we wanted to go fishing at Big Meadows but that time it was packed and crowded. It was a free fishing weekend and they have something going on out there, I guess a fishing competition, so instead of being in that crowded place, we decided to drive more up to the mountain, my husband said there's another lake up there couple miles from big meadows so we ended up fishing at Shaw Lake. It was nice, only few people was there but we are not lucky to catch fish. We stay there about 2-3 hours I guess and since we didn't catch any, we decided to go for another drive all the way to the top of the mountain another 8 miles then we found a hiking trail at Hunters Lake. It was a nice road trip for our family!

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