Friday, June 20, 2014

accounting firms in charlotte nc

Me and a friend of mine from NC was talking about how much tax return we got for this year and if we did it by ourselves or just let the tax service do it for us? Well, I really didn’t give her so much information about it because we don’t want to spread the world how much money we got for our tax return for this year. Its not that much but its enough for us to pay off some of our bills. Last year we let the tax service do it but this year, we did our own. For me, its kind a confusing at first so I just let my husband do it. She told me that they hire a tax service to their taxes, so I ask her if they use these accounting firms in charlotte nc and she said no, but they wanted to try their services too for next year. So hopefully it went good for them this year, hope we can go visit them in NC and see some other places up there!

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