Thursday, October 24, 2013

car seat warmers

At Winter, here in San Luis Valley is much more colder than the one we live before in Grand Junction. We don’t have fireplace at home instead we use the heater. When we go out on service or attend meeting on winter, the car temperature drops low especially when you leave it off at night. So you need to wait a little while to warm up the car. My husband wanted his truck inside the garage now. Last year, we always left the truck outside and on winter, the windows always frost so he turns the heater for a while before he drive the truck and it takes a lot of his time. So that’s why we clean up the garage and make a lot of space this year that way when the winter comes, he wont worry that much when it happens again. Good thing they make this revolutionary car seat warmers. This might help a lot too on a winter time. I don’t feel like sitting in a cold car seat. It would be wonderful if I could sit in a warm car seat. How about you? I am sure you will love to have a car seat warmers don’t you? Well, we better get it now before the winter comes!

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