Tuesday, August 21, 2012

divorce lawyers

Some says that marriage is sweet and wonderful but others say its not. Why? Because they don’t have a good marriage. Both couples are having hard time to each other or maybe there’s a reason behind their separation. We don’t know the reason but I am sure they are having hard time especially the one who involves in it and that is the children. Having divorce is not only decided for one person and you need to get a divorce lawyers to settle everything. I am not sure how it works though. I heard a lot of people got divorce nowadays. Divorce is very common this days especially to those people that don’t have a happy marriage. It increase this past few years and I am sure divorce lawyers is handling this kind of matter. I always wanted to have a happy marriage and for me, I am so thankful that I found the right person. So to those people out there who are thinking about separation or divorce and looking for a divorce lawyers, you might find the lawyer you need at stewartesten.ca.

Fishing at Sanchez Reservoir

We went fishing at Sanchez Reservoir, San Luis Colorado last weekend Saturday but unfortunately we didn't caught anything. I am not sure where the fish are, maybe we are not lucky that time. We try different spots but still the same, so after an hour or two of waiting to catch fish, we decided to go and try the BLM Ponds in Alamosa, but unluckily, the pond is all dried out. Well better luck next time ;-) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

window swags

When you enter to my house, you will never find a big curtain. We used window blinds on all our windows. I really wanted to have a beautiful curtain in the living room that will match to our furniture but I’m not sure. Me and my husband still need to talk about it because he is not really crazy about curtains or any window swags in the house. But guess what? We have one in the kitchen window. We just put that couple weeks ago because we wanted to cover half of the kitchen window that way the neighbor won’t see me while I’m doing my stuff in the kitchen. Since we’re doing the kids room this next week we might end up adding some curtains to it and add some more frames and other stuff to put in the wall. But will see…

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fillet the Bluegills

We caught about 18 bluegills and 3 bass at the Echo Canyon Reservoir. It was a fun fishing experience for me and the kids. The kids love it and they really having fun catching the fish. The last time we went fishing, we let go all the fish because we didn't know that we will going to catch more that time but this time, we absolutely take it home and have it for dinner. Mike fillet the rest of the fish and I took 5 bluegills, clean and take out their guts and fry it whole. It was delicious! Wish we can do it again next week. I love fresh fish!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Went to Hooper

It was nice that we got a chance to go to Hooper Hotspring Resort with the Miera's Family. The kids really had fun. It was about 35 minutes drive from home and guess what? we stay there for more than 3 hours, the water is warm and it was nice. I am looking forward to go back there again not before winter or maybe this winter would be nice. Will see...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

at Lake Beach Michigan

This is my first time to swim in the lake. It's almost the same as the beach in the Philippines but of course its not salty water, its a fresh water lake. It was fun though, the kids love it and Dana got a chance to play in the sand.

rustic bathroom

What kind of bathroom vanities you mostly like? Regular style? Rustic? Modern? Well usually many people use the modern style but there are some people too that like the rustic bathroom vanities design. It looks very unique and it adds a big difference in your bathroom. I remember when we went to Michigan, we went to Pro Bass Shop and use the bathroom. My first impression is WOW, the bathroom looks very different than any bathroom that I went too, it looks like a western look or some kind of rustic too. The design is pretty good! So if you like rustic furniture or wanted to make a little different look in your bathroom, you might like to get a rustic bathroom vanities from logfurnitureplace.com.