Monday, January 30, 2012


This photo taken last week. We still have a little bit of snow in the backyard, just enough for the kids to play but this week, the snow starting to melt and the little snow hill we made last week already melted so we never get a chance to go and play outside. This coming Tuesday and Wednesday it said, we will have more snow in the Valley so hopefully the snow will file it up again that way we can build another hill for the kids to play for their sled. I just hope it won't get so cold this week because I don't like it when the temperature drops down to zero hehe :-) but will see...

roller chain

I never seen my husband rode his bicycle before. I am not sure if its still working or not. I think it still work but maybe it needs air on the bikes wheel because it seems flat and needs air. We check the roller chain and it seems fine. This summer, he said we will go for a family bike ride. Since I don’t have my own bicycle, we are planning to get one this spring time I guess. The kids have their bike, we bought it last year at Walmart. If ever we will have problem with the roller chain, at least we know where to buy it because have every type of chain in stock. So when it comes to roller chain and links, visit

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

trade show displays

Business is kind a tricky, you need to work hard to it to become successful. It's not easy because you never know if your product will click to the consumer or not. Maybe you need to do more research to it or maybe you need to step up and let everyone know about your product. The best way to do is to exhibit your business.

Trade show is a great marketplace for finding targeted audiences. This way you can show and demonstrate your product. So when it comes to trade show flooring, trade show carpet, logo mats, logo canopy and anything you need on your trade show exhibits, you can get them all at They have everything you need on your exhibit displays because camelbackdisplays offer the largest variety of trade show displays and exhibit booths in the market with many custom options. There are a lot of exhibit booth displays to choose from so its up to you to choose the right one that meets your business needs. So what are you waiting for? Show off your displays and let everyone knows what your business is all about.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome Year 2012!

I am welcoming the year 2012! We are so happy that we got the house we like. Our moving work out pretty good. I'm done unpacking all the stuff and we started getting to know people in the area. We just invited a couple of friends from our congregation and we had them come over for dinner. We had great time, since they have two kids also, two boys a 1 year old and a 2 year old. My kids Dana and Dustin having a lot of fun. We wish that this coming 2012, will be a great year to us. I am still hoping that we can visit my family in the Philippines this year. So to all bloggers out there, thanks for all the visits and hope you will have a great year also this year 2012! Happy Blogging everyone!

Looking for a tropical fish

In this small town of Monte Vista, they don't have great selections for tropical fish. We already look in this town but it seems like they don't have pet store in the area. We look in Alamosa but they only have one pet store up there, they don't have so much tropical fish. Well, they have couple but they are not pretty good and some of their fishes are look sick. I guess we need to drive to Pueblo tomorrow and look more tropical fish. We only have two fish left in our aquarium and we need to add a little bit more, maybe 8 more fishes to make it to 10. Will see, if we can find more fishes that is not too expensive in Pueblo.

Staying at home

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

Staying home alone with the kids was always what I wanted to do, but when my husband started having to go out of town for business I thought it might be a little more than I bargained for! Those first few nights at home alone were pretty much terrifying…every little noise and bump made me jump out of bed and run into my sons’ room. Eventually I had to go to my neighbor’s house and ask him if he would sleep in the guest room! (He’s a former Navy SEAL…) My husband heard about all this and thought the whole thing was ridiculous. He immediately went to look at flushing home security and looked into a security system and he bought me some mace to keep in the bedroom. We beefed up the locks and I must say, I do feel safer now sleeping in my own house, which is a good thing! I can’t believe I made such a big fuss as a grown woman but when you’re scared, you’re scared and there’s nothing you can do about it!