Tuesday, November 29, 2011

playbook real deal!

People are busy decorating their house and front yard now, they are ready for this Christmas holiday! Sometimes, I missed those moments when I spend the holiday with my family in the Philippines but now since I don't celebrate any holidays, we just don't make a big deal with it. But of course we buy gifts anytime whenever we have money. I also give gifts to my family and share what we have. Actually my niece already told me her wish list and I don't think I can buy her the one she likes a playbook tablet and an iphone. Those electronics seems very expensive and I can't afford to buy her one. One of my friend said, its nice to shop on Holidays because you can get a great deal on everything. Like the blackberry playbook at thesource.ca, you can get it for only $199.99 instead of $499.99. You will save up to $300.00! that's the real deal!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cheap sunglasses

There are some sunglasses that are way too expensive but they look pretty good. What if you lost it or you forgot it somewhere? Of course you will feel upset. It feels like you just throw the money you spent for that sunglasses and then you lost it. I have two pair of sunglasses and both of them I bought it in a low price below $15. It looks nice too, everyone thinks that my sunglasses looks expensive. Well, I knew a website where you can find your favorite sunglasses replica. The nineapair cheap sunglasses at nineapair.com has all the sunglasses that you are looking for. They look fabulous, very stylist and they look expensive but you can get it for only $9.00 a pair! Isn't that wonderful? So why not get your pretty sunglasses at nineapair.com and don't forget to check out their most popular styles!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The flooring is done!

We hire Tile Meister to do the tile job. They did pretty good! They finish it in two days.

Putting the grout, it's kind a messy and muddy!

After they put the grout, its all clean now! So far so good!

This is the border from the dining room to the additional room in the kitchen.

This is how it looks like now! Mike already put the base board and a carpet. I'm glad we finish the flooring. My husband did a lot of work this past couple days. This morning he finish painting outside and add frame in the window. It looks pretty nice!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nursing pins

Working in the hospital is kind a tiring, I can't even hold to my friend who work as a nurse since she was so busy this past couple months. She works overtime and because of that, she don't have time to meet me up this weekend. The last time I went to the hospital is when my husband got a chest pain and needed to go to the hospital for check up. I noticed that some of the nurses there are wearing their badges or nursing pins. I wonder what is that for, maybe she got an award or maybe a sign that she's working in the medical field? I am not sure.

Anyhow, talking about nursing pins. I found this website who carry a wide variety of pins, lanyards, recognition collections and even awareness causes badges. They have over 1,000,000 pins in stock and ready to ship. You can customized your pins too! To find out on how to customized your pin, visit their website at pinmart.com or call this number at 877-746-6278. Make sure you wear your nursing pins at work! If you don't have one then better get it at pinmart.com and choose one of the thousands pins available at their website.