Sunday, October 2, 2011


Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

My mom has always been obsessed with the weather. When I was in elementary school she always knew how to dress me based on her weather radio. In high school, she would always make me take a jacket or an umbrella when she knew rain would be coming and she was always right. When I was in college, she would call me to warn me when a bad storm was heading my way. When her weather radio finally broke, I suggested she start watching the weather channel. She and my dad had switched their satellite to EXPERT SATELLITE, so I knew she had access to the weather channel. Once she started watching it, she loved watching the weather channel. She would watch it for hours, not only interested in the local weather which is shown once per hour, but she was also interested in the special shows about extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. When I suggested that she start watching the weather channel, I had no idea that she would become even more obsessed with telling me about what kind of weather was coming my way. Now she calls me at least twice per week to tell me what the forecast says.

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