Saturday, October 1, 2011

we did a lot today!

Wow, we did a lot today! This morning we been looking houses around here in Alamosa and Monte Vista and so far we find some nice houses that is really affordable. I wonder if those houses will be available after 6 months. We’re not sure yet of when will be moving but I guess next year we will. When we get back from house hunting, we go back to the hotel and take a rest for a while and have dinner here at the restaurant. Then after dinner we went for swimming at the water park! My leg was really sore and I bet it will be sore tonight. I need a massage therapist right now because my back is hurting too. Talking about Therapists Jobs, you can find this type of jobs at You will absolutely find the job you like the most. You can help many people and you will absolutely enjoy this job.

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