Tuesday, August 2, 2011

He read pretty good!

Every monday, we had our family bible study and we let Dustin be part of it. He read 2 verses in the bible. He is very happy to be part of it and whenever he finish reading it, he say thank you mom and dad and give us a hug. He did pretty good on reading, more practice and he will become a better reader. He is 5 years old and he will be in school this coming August 24 (first day of school) but that time, we will be in our vacation in California, we wrote an email to the teacher and principal to let them know about our trip and Dustin will be in school when we back on our trip, that will be on first of September. Somewhere about 3-4th of September. Before we go to our trip, we need to stop by in the campus and submit Dustin's information and buy him all the requirements he need on school that way we don't need to think about it when we come back on our trip.

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