Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cooking for Two!

Contribution by Saul Martin

Cooking has always been a passion of mine and it got even more so when we moved out here to the farm. It’s not like we live in the middle of nowhere but there’s not a ton to do here other than read and be outside so I went to http://SATELLITESTARINTERNET.com and got us an internet connection so I could work on my recipes. It was the best idea I ever had! Now I know exactly what to do with all the vegetables we grow here and my wife seems to be really excited about all the great dishes I’ve been making. I’m able to cook much healthier, too, since before all I knew to do with anything was to fry it. I love being out here in the woods by ourselves but there are times it’s nice to be connected, too. I’ve joined an online food club and we’re meeting in town next week so that should be pretty fun and exciting! I’m planning on bringing them some tomatoes from our plot of land!

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