Monday, June 27, 2011

modern fireplaces

Would it be nice to have a fireplace in the house especially when you live in the cold area. We live in Silverthorne before and usually on winter, the temperatures go down to zero especially in the morning and at night time. I remember the time when my husband cut a lot of wood, we're using wood to our fireplace. It helps a lot and it keeps us warm. We also put heater in the dogs kennel that way they won't get cold while they're out.

Here in the new house where we live, we don't have fireplace, we only use heater and cooler. This year, winter here is not that bad. Hopefully this year will still the same. I am not really looking forward for winter but I guess we need to get ready about it and do something fun with the kids.

Anyhow, Some of the houses here in the area has fireplace. When my friend bought their new house in the area, they make sure that they have fireplace. I am not sure if they are using ventless fireplace or gel fuel fireplace. I saw a nice modern fireplaces at Those fireplaces are really unique and interesting. So if you are looking for a fuel ventless fireplace, you came to the right place. Visit now and get the fireplace you need and get ready for this year winter!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming time!

Summer is here! that means its time for swimming! I bought the kids a plastic pool two days ago at City Market and when we get home, they can't wait to go on swimming! I add hot water to it because the water is way too cold for them. They really having fun especially Dana, she looks tired but it never stop her to make more splashing! What a cutie!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

radar detectors

We have two metal detector in the house but we’re not using it anymore since my husband ran out of interest in it but if we go to the place where its worth digging for, we might use our metal detector again and try to find a treasure. Anyhow, talking about detector, have all radar and laser detectors you need from whistler radar detector, cobra radar, bel electronics radar and escort radar. Its free shipping too! So get your radar detectors at!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

organize an event!

I never tried to organized an event before. Are you? I know its not easy to organize an events if you don’t have so much experienced about it or without any help with professionals. At eventish, you can create an event without hassle. You can do it at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit and with the help of their service, you can create your unforgettable events. They make event management, marketing and ticketing easy and affordable.

Not only that, they also have all the list of the upcoming and popular events. If you are planning to organize an events, this is the website I will absolutely recommend. I look at their features and check the sample of their banquet events and it looks wonderful. You can easily purchase a set directly to their website. Their service is easy to follow and I think you will be successful on organizing a special events. For more information visit or call this number at 1-877-990-1416.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

With my fellow pinay friends!

Starting in the left, that was me and Dana, then Ella, Evez, Edna, Arlyn and his son Jacob.

This is me, Dana, Ella and Melliza. This photo taken last Sunday, June 12, 2011 at Family's Long Park.

I'm glad that we got a chance to see the cultural dance and meet new filipina friends here in Colorado area. I can't believe how many Filipino out here. Nice to see all of them and I feel like I am in my hometown Philippines!

ps3 headset

We likes to play online games that’s why we really need to get a new headset since our old one was broken. This is the third time we bought a headset but I never seen my husband using it anymore. He rather use the speaker than the headset. Talking about headset, while I’m browsing headset online, I came across at, they have a very affordable price for all their ps3 headset, so if you are looking for ps3 headset, look no further and visit right now and get the ps3 headset you need.

I'm craving chocolate!

Who wouldn’t like chocolate? I guess everyone likes it! Actually I’m craving strawberry with chocolate drizzling in it. I missed those times when we went to the chocolate factory in Montrose with my mother in law, it was really fun and we got all the chocolate we like. We also got the Easter chocolate candies, it was really good. There are many different kind of chocolate to choose but we buy it anyway since it looks yummy and tasty. A treat like this makes our day happy and we had ice cream too in the afternoon.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Pilot

Last Thursday at the library, Dustin was so excited to participate, he raise his hand and he was fortunate to be choosen to wear the pilot uniform suit. He was so happy and proud. He's holding the airplane photos and sing a song title "its a small world after all". I didn't bring my camera that time but I bring my cellphone with camera in it. I used my phone to take a photo of him and send it to my email after. I thought it wouldn't work but i'm glad It did. Here are the photos, it's kind a blurd but it was okay.

birth certificates

In the old days, getting for a certified copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates and even death certificates is very stressful. It takes long time to get it. Why? Because you need to wait for a week or even a month to get it. You need to pay for a high price too and need to go to the city hall to get it. My birth certificates are torn out and I need to go to the NSO to get another copy. It takes me whole day to get my birth certificates. But it doesn’t matter, the important is, I get the certified copy of my birth certificate and I complete all the requirements I need to get my visa.

On this days, I didn’t know that there’s an easy way to get a copies for all of these. I just find out at, they are the america’s leading source for government certified vital records. You can find all what you are looking for, from birth certificate, death certificate, marriage record or even divorce record. Their service are simple, fast and secure and it ship fast too! So don’t waste your time going and running around just to get your vital records, visit vital check now and find the birth, death, marriage certificates you need!

Friday, June 3, 2011

internet service

When I get my first internet service, I am not really happy about it because my connection is way too slow and I can’t easily download the song or videos that I like. I usually watch videos in the morning while the kids sleeping and having a slow connection is very irritating. My husband and I like to change our internet service into high speed dial up. Since he likes to play his online games, he really need to get a high speed internet service. Of course we don’t want to pay much for internet service but if we can find the best internet service, I think paying extra is not that bad.

When we got our first dial-up internet, we are both hook up to it. I like to download music and videos online and having a fast connection is really important. We are so glad that we got the right one and we don’t need to pay much for internet service every month.

There are many internet service that cost a lot and you can’t get a good results. How about trying the Their service are very affordable. You can get the standard dial up for only $9.95 and their premium hi-speed dial up is only $14.95. You can view their hispeed demo, up to 19 times faster! You can either upgrade your account to premium and save! Their service is satisfaction guaranteed and no risk 30 day money back guarantee. So hurry get your dial-up internet at now and see how fast their internet service is!

Dustin's port

The kids play more at their play port now since Mike transfer the slide and make it more lower that way when they slide, it won't go slide faster. We add more sand in their sand box too and rake some of the rocky spots in the area. We do a lot of cleaning and I'm glad we change the position of the ladder and slide. We still have a lot to do on Dustin's Port but for now, the important is they can play whenever they want and play outside. We might need to invite some friends to play with them. So we have a little park in the backyard now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

symptoms of low testosterone

Every man has a low testosterone problem. Men mostly recognize the symptoms when they have problem with sexual dysfunction. Does it happen to you or do you know anyone that has the same problem? If you do, you might need to start taking a high quality natural testosterone supplement. According to the website at symptoms of low testosterone, you can reduce this symptoms by changing in lifestyle. I ask my husband about this and I don’t think he tried one of those supplement. If he does, I am sure he will research the product before he decided to buy or try one. So if you want to learn more about the symptoms of low testosterone, visit their website right now at!

Our family is walking towards fitness together

Guest post written by Sandy Bowman

Our family isn't really naturally thin. We definitely have to do some work to be that way. But since I got promoted lately and my kids took on harder classes I can see that we've put the weight on and nobody feels good about it. So we've decided to try out a family workout just as a way to make sure that we get around to it. It can also serve as some nice bonding time too, which is harder to do once your kids get a little older like ours.

I went online to find out a good workout that we could do together without any equipment. As I was doing that I found some information on I looked through it and after that I decided that we should change over our home intenret service to this new one.

I think that the perfect family fitness activitiy for us is going to be fitness walking. Plus, that will allow us to talk and just get out there to see our neighbors a little bit.