Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our family is walking towards fitness together

Guest post written by Sandy Bowman

Our family isn't really naturally thin. We definitely have to do some work to be that way. But since I got promoted lately and my kids took on harder classes I can see that we've put the weight on and nobody feels good about it. So we've decided to try out a family workout just as a way to make sure that we get around to it. It can also serve as some nice bonding time too, which is harder to do once your kids get a little older like ours.

I went online to find out a good workout that we could do together without any equipment. As I was doing that I found some information on I looked through it and after that I decided that we should change over our home intenret service to this new one.

I think that the perfect family fitness activitiy for us is going to be fitness walking. Plus, that will allow us to talk and just get out there to see our neighbors a little bit.

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